One and Two-Person Exhibitions

  1. 2017  Eric Palgon, Shimizu Brand, New York, New York
  2. 2014  Eric Palgon and Yshai Yudekovitz, The Vanity, 356 Mission Rd., Los Angeles, California
  3. 2011  Eric Palgon, The Talmadge, Los Angeles, California

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2019  What Wind, curated by Eric Palgon, Ceysson Bénétière, New York, New York
  2. 2018  I Am a Scientist, curated by Sadie Laska, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. 2016  Drawing, Kerry Schuss, New York, New York
        The Vanity Heights, The Vanity, Los Angeles, California
  4. 2015  Summer Group Show, curated by Matt Moravec & Taylor Trabulus, Germantown, New York
        Feed the Meter, Ceysson & Bénétière, Wandhaff, Luxembourg
        Special Guest New York, Ceysson & Bénétière at Zürcher Gallery, New York, New York
        Call and Response, Gavin Brown Enterprise, New York, New York
  5. 2014  The Blind Hang-Out, At the Office Box, New York, New York
  6. 2013  My Money, Fredric Snitzer, Miami, Florida
        New Rock, Parthenia Projects, Los Angeles, California
  7. 2012  Queens International 2012: Three Points Make a Triangle, curated by Larissa Harris and Jamillah James, Queens Museum, New York, New York
        Eric Palgon, Julia Rommel, Dan Shaw-Town, West Street Gallery, New York, New York
        Nada Art Fair, West Street Gallery, Miami, Florida
  8. 2010  New York From New York, Golden Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  9. 2009  Chat For the Now, curated by Matt Moravec and Kyle Thurman, Marvelli Gallery, New York, New York
        Columbia University MFA Thesis Exhibition, curated by Regine Basha, Fisher-Landau Center, New York, New York